Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Out of the office...

Everyone loves a day out of the office. Especially me. Even a corporate brainwashing exercise disguised as a training day. At the moment I'd jump at any opportunity to escape my groundhog existence.

That's not strictly true. Must not Grumble MadauntyMay - what a luxury it is to know that everyday you start and finish at near enough the same time. No delays, no unscheduled night stops and no long-haul jet-lag.

And indeed so is the familiarity of working with the same friendly inviting faces, day in, day out for the rest of my life. That in itself is truly beautiful.

Note to self - please sound sarcastically convincing. Oh, and the bed...I get to sprawl out in the super king sized bed every night and still not come into contact with Johnny. I urge every couple to purchase one. Your passport to decent night's sleep - whoever said romance was dead?

And the benefits, oh, the benefits of a 9-5 existence on paper look surprisingly more appealing than the reality - however, they lack substance. I can see why Julie turned to cooking and blog writing as a form of escapism. Julie and Julia, great film by the way - WTF didn't I come up with that idea?

But that's what this lifestyle gives you. The opportunity to develop your world and life around a structured format. Start the day at 9 - just four hours to make it to lunch and BANG before you can say post-lunch office-slump you're taxi-ing down the work runway to launch your life lift off!

After that my dear friend the world is your Oyster. Cough, cough.... am I convinced? Sadly not... it was always going to be a hard transition from the BA Bermuda life to an OK it's an office one. One I wanted to make. Priorities change, people change but is routine over rated or does it just take getting used to? Answers on a postcard.

Today's out of office experience was a welcomed treat. Take a train ride to London add a spot of people watching, Kindle and riot reading (yet another reason to move abroad) and mix in a productive and successful training day - and I am happy.

Oh, and there was conversations too. With smart, intelligent, inspiring worldly colleagues. I almost felt mentally stimulated. Steady on.

Thus proving my theory.. It's the people you meet and the places you go that make you feel alive....

It got me thinking about a mongrel motto which hangs from the eccentric walls at chez mother May's: 'The more people I meet - the more I love my dog' ....errr here's my take on it...

'The more people I meet in the business, the more I love my job.'

MMMMmm... is office life really for me? Watch this space...

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